We asked each member of our Executive Leadership Team to think about his or her number one priority or what he or she feels we must accomplish as an agency in 2014. Here are their thoughts.

Tom Bernardin, Chariman & CEO, Worldwide

Through our HumanKind philosophy, we will continue the pursuit of best-in-the-world bar-none creativity as the only way to truly drive our financial success. Our financial success will be reinvested in our talent to fuel our creativity.

Mark Tutssel, Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide

The freshest ideas thrive at the intersection of marketing, technology and entertainment. This is the sweet spot. As the world's most awarded creative network in new-world thinking, this is where we live. My goal, as always, is to continue to create ideas that have the power to change the world.

Eddie Booth, Regional Chairman & CEO, Greater China

We must gain growth without sacrificing margin, deliver a decent margin without sacrificing talent, keep talent without sacrificing cost, manage cost without sacrificing creative output and, above everything else, maintain the best possible creative output. Otherwise we lose our reason for existing and might as well call ourselves the Spreadsheet Agency.

Giorgio Brenna, Chairman & CEO, Continental Western Europe

The goal is twofold: be recognized as one of the top three creative networks in the world and win a big multinational client.

Patrick Dumouchel, Chief Financial Officer, Worldwide

To ensure that our financial health helps make Leo Burnett the most successful network within the Publicis Groupe for clients, employees and shareholders.

Andrew Edwards, Chairman & CEO, Leo Burnett Group UK, and President, Central Europe

As our business transforms, we will focus on future-proofing our people's careers while continuing to focus on producing good stuff on the big stuff and brave stuff on the small.

Paulo Giovanni, CEO, Leo Burnett Tailor Made

To collaborate in making an even better workplace environment where our HumanKind philosophy will continue to foster outstanding creative work.

Catherine Guthrie, President, Multinational Accounts

I think the number one challenge we face is content creation. We need to be able to create the range of content, in terms of pricing and timing, that our clients need.

Giles Hedger, Chief Strategy Officer

What should we do this year? We should look at our product, put to one side the illusory accomplishments of channel and technology, and ask ourselves: Will it move people to act?

Michelle Kristula-Green, EVP, Global Head of People & Culture

Sourcing top talent who will bring new skills and perspectives to our businesses.

Rich Stoddart, CEO, North America

One word: Participation. In what we create and how we create it. A participation agency helps people not just think differently but DO differently.

Vladimir Tkachev, Chariman & CEO, Russia & Eastern Europe

Most emerging economies appear to be soft and vulnerable this year. We must stand strong in our belief in the power of creativity so that our clients can win the most amid this turmoil.

Raja Trad, CEO, Middle East & North Africa

Our number one objective is to protect the Leo Burnett reputation as being the most professional, creative agency in MENA, and to position it as a one-stop shop for all communication needs of our clients. We, as a team, are working hard to provide our clients with integration solutions that are built around the HumanKind philosophy.

Olgalucia Villegas, President, Latin America

Focus on having the best creative product bar none; rise to the number three spot in The Gunn Report; and, with the team complete in Mexico, make that office a key priority in order to get the best results.

Jarek Ziebinski, Asia-Pacific

Our number one priority is to be the fastest-growing creative agency network in the Asia-Pacific region, as growth is the only source of freedom in business today.